I am a Mom, a wife, and a full-time software sales professional.  I learn something new each day – about myself, about a technology, how to improvise and plan, how to be a better human.  I’m here to document and share a glimpse into how I attempt to navigate life’s thick & thin moments.

Over the last few years I’ve found myself really relying on the power of social media and the internet to make informed decisions, to refine and retain my personal style, to find short cuts, and sometimes even how to do things the harder but more rewarding way.  Many complete strangers inspire different aspects of my life so maybe this little corner of the internet will do the same for someone else.  You can read more about the specifics around exactly why I started this blog HERE.

My content will vary, but will have some key focus areas around Lifestyle, Food, Adult & Toddler Style, Home, Travel, and the Ordinary Everyday.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions, and even kind words if you have them to share! Use my Contact page to get connected.