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There Is No Such Thing As A Working Mom

Earlier this week I was in the produce aisle at our (new!!) local Publix and I had a really impactful conversation with a complete stranger.  It was 9:45 in the morning on a Tuesday and my almost-2 year old son was riding in the cart, talking about a lottttttt of apples.  A woman approached me simply to compliment my son and his big blue eyes but the conversation evolved into some pretty standard small talk.  She made a comment along the lines of “isn’t it so nice to be able to do your weekly shopping during a time where the store is not super crowded”.  I agreed that yes, it’s definitely nice, and that I’m not used to being able to shop during the day because I’m usually at work.  My son just happened to be sick so I was grabbing a few necessities following his doctor’s appointment.  She asks what I do for work, and then responded with “Oh wow it must be so hard to be a working mom.  I’m just a stay-at-home mom.”

JUST a stay at home mom?  It stopped me in my tracks and I think my jaw may have literally hit the floor.  She struck a chord with me so I proceeded to give her an impassioned pep talk about the importance of being a stay at home mom and that she’s not JUST anything… other than selling herself short.  She is a badass rockstar MOM who does some of the toughest, thankless and most rewarding work on the planet.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a mom who works full time or part time or who works multiple jobs, a single parent, an adoptive mom, a homeschooling mom, or any other type of mom, YOU are a working mom.  Every single way you can possibly slice it, you are a mom who works your tail off to provide for your family.  Whether you’re providing love, care, financial support, emotional support, stability, or any combination of of those things, you are a working mom.  To define a working mom as a mom who holds a paying job of some sort is both careless and irresponsible.  No one ever refers to a man with a job as a Working Dad, do they?  No. They don’t. Ever.

It is my opinion that it is not any more difficult or easier to be a mom who also works versus a stay-at-home mom.  The two are very different but both very hard, and there are challenges and opportunities that are associated with each.  Sure, sometimes it’s hard for me to have a sleepless night and have to get ready and get to work first thing, ready to attack the day.  And it’s hard for me to have to coordinate with my husband when one of us needs to work late, or to juggle our travel schedules because we both require some level of travel for our jobs.  But I can promise you that it’s also hard to be the mom who is spending a long, grueling day with a teething, napless toddler. Or the the mom who misses her previous life in the corporate world, putting her career on hold so she can spend time with her children in their younger years. Or the mom who hasn’t slept well in months but is forced to choose between showering, napping or eating lunch for those few short minutes (or hours, if she’s lucky) while her child naps.  Being a mom of any sort is hard.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and from what I’ve heard, it will only get harder with new sets of challenges as time progresses.

I think I’ve proven myself wrong with my claim that there is no such thing as a working mom.  There are only working moms.  Be proud of yourself and the work you do.  Even when no one sees it or appreciates it or recognizes it.  I see you and I think you are amazing!


Life Happens.

July 7.   The last time I published a blog post or even logged in to my website.  It wasn’t on purpose and it wasn’t a preference, it just kind of happened that way.  My life and the lives of my friends and family have all been set into hyper-drive lately so certain things got prioritized and de-prioritized.  My lil side project blog received that latter treatment.  And that’s OK.

Guys, life happens. Every day.  And sometimes the really, really bad or the really, truly good gets poured on in abundance and all of the to-dos on the list become overwhelming.  It happened to me and it continues to happen to me and for the good and the bad, I am grateful.  For my mistakes and missteps, I am grateful.  For my positive outcomes, I am grateful.  For the unconditional support of my family and friends, I am grateful.  For the roof over my head, I am grateful.  I have one million and one things to share with the universe about some of life’s recent lessons, personal successes,  and struggles I search for help in trying to resolve.  And I’ll get to them, eventually.

Today I want to share what I want to focus in on and prioritize for my life:

1) Balance.   This sounds a bit contrived and cliche’ but it’s arguably one of the most important things.  Finding that balance between work and life, between happy and humble, between routine and spontaneity. It’s hard.  We all spend our whole lives doing it unsuccessfully most of the time.  And I think I can do a better job of achieving balance if I keep a more consistent eye on how I am managing it.  Be as thoughtful and meticulous with how you are managing your everyday life as you would with a big important project at work or the planning of a big life event.

2) Love.  This is the most overused AND underused concept on the planet.  Think about it.  We, as a society, throw this word around so much that it’s basically becoming meaningless. “I love your hair!”, “I love that show so much”, “I love ice cream!”, “I love that quote!”.  Everyone loves everything all the time.  One definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection.  INTENSE DEEP AFFECTION.  That is a big freaking deal, people.  So for all of the things and people you really, legitimately love, how often do you tell them?  More importantly, how often and how well do you SHOW them?  For almost everyone the answer here is probably “not enough”.  I am so very guilty of this – assuming people know how I feel about them because it’s how I’ve felt for a long time or because I have told them before.
It’s not enough.  I need to hold myself to the same standards to which I hold other people.  In the past I’ve found myself frustrated with my husband for not being affectionate enough or for not doing as many romantic, for-no-reason things for me as he has before.  Or for something as silly as not giving me enough hugs.  But what have I done for him to show him how much I need him?  Am I any better? (nope) I’m trying to focus in on telling people how important they are to me through action.  Checking in to see how people are doing. Sending a postcard or leaving a note.  Telling people you love them.  Doing something nice for someone despite it potentially being an inconvenience.   Going out of your way to do something helpful for someone with zero expectations of reciprocity. Thinking of others before myself by default more often.  It’s tough.  This one will take work.

3) Simplicity.  Less is more in so many ways.  Less noise, less stuff, fewer plans, less screen time… more REAL connections.  More conversations, more focus, more being in the moment.  Next time you’re in a public place just take a look around.  You’ll see more than 50% of the people in group settings with their eyes and minds glued to their phones.  People take time to schedule dinners with friends and then sit there staring at their phone, spending the majority of their time on social media telling everyone about where they are sitting with their friends while not acknowledging them.  It’s ridiculous.  I do it, too, sometimes.  I want to be intentional with how I spend my time and I want to do a better job of being in that moment, away from all of the distractions we allow to creep in.  I want to disconnect so I can create better connections with people and with the world around me.
(Sidenote:  my friends Lindsey and Lincoln are a HUGE inspiration to me, taking this idea to a whole new level!!)

4) Health.  Plain and simple, make it a priority.   Eat well most of the time and exercise consistently.  Nothing too crazy other than just generally being nice to your body.  Nothing in excess, everything in moderation. I strive for this, although I fail often.

What do you want to change about your own habits?  What have you learned about yourself recently?

What’s For Dinner?

I’ve been working really hard over the last weeks, focusing on nutrition and portion control with a sometimes-focus on exercise.  Like many folks, consistently making the best food choices is a tough feat, especially when you have children or lead a particularly busy/chaotic life.  In addition to being a mom and keeping a fairly aggressive social and work calendar, I also LOVE to eat!  New foods, rich foods, super unhealthy foods… and all of the delicious drinks and wine to go along with it. LOVE IT. I’m here to let you in on a little secret – it IS possible to improve your food choices and your waistline while not giving up everything or completely denying yourself the indulgences we all tend to need sometimes.  Or all of the time. 🙂

I’ve gotten so much better at controlling my portion sizes and choosing fresh foods when possible, and really cutting down on salt and sugar.  Notice I said cutting down, not cutting out!  That’s what it really boils down to when it comes to weight loss and health, isn’t it?  The food!  Exercise is important, but without being consistent with your nutrition you’re fighting an impossible fight.  I want to share with you some of my favorite online resources and personal tips that have made a huge difference in my world when it comes to making better food choices.

1) Structure and organization – this is important for me with absolutely anything in life.  I need a plan and I need to be organized or I am more likely to fail.  When you’re considering a nutritional overhaul, it’s important to find something that is not only realistic, but able to transition into an ongoing lifestyle.  So many “diets” fail in the long term because they are quick fixes instead of life changes.  I like the idea of structure without being overly restrictive.  This was the biggest thing that attracted me to the 21 Day Fix program.  It’s very specific in it’s intent while being very flexible in the details.  I had a clear picture of what types of foods I could eat from each and every food group, and how much of them I should eat in a day (or in a serving size).  I was able to wrap my head around what a REAL portion looks like in addition to making solid ingredient choices.  And the best part – it didn’t require me to completely cut out something delicious like carbs or dairy.

avocado toast

2) Meal prep days – this has literally changed my life. Seriously.  Taking a few hours on Sunday (or any day really) to plan ahead, cook things in advance, and separate into portions makes the rest of the week so much easier.  I much less likely to opt for takeout or convenience food and am more likely to stick to my plan.  I don’t have to think on the fly because all of the cooking and portioning is already done for me.  My favorite things to pre-portion and/or cook are:  variety of fresh fruit, olive-oil roasted vegetables , grilled or baked chicken, homemade spaghetti sauce, whole wheat pasta noodles, steak tips, salads, roasted or baked sweet potatoes.  The variety in just those few items is limitless if you think about it. I make a bunch of something, use the colored portion containers (or their corresponding measuring cup amounts, pasted below) to measure, and put everything in a bunch of Ziploc containers.  Packing snacks and lunches for work are now a breeze!
21 Day Fix Cheat Sheetportions

3) Flavorful food and simple recipes – the internet is a beautiful thing.  Anything you want to know, just type it into your Google search bar.  Anything!  Try for yourself and search “21 day fix recipes” or “21 day fix desserts” and your screen will be flooded with all sorts of resources from the Beach Body blog to every coach or nutrition person on the planet who has a personal blog.  TONS of great recipes, including sweets and treats!  I do all sorts of searches and like to try at least 1-2 new recipes a week if I can.  I’ve created a Google Doc with links to some of my favorite recipes and recipes I plan to try or adapt.  I made my own version of Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps last night, adapted from this recipe I found online.  I swapped the chicken for turkey, cooked it along with some peppers and onions in some fresh garlic and chili garlic sauce, and I changed the peanut sauce recipe slightly as well.  It was delicious and my friend Kelly and my husband agreed!

4) Quick and easy go-to meals or snacks – I don’t always have or make the time for a massive meal prep session so having a mental rolodex of foods that are quick and easy on the go take the guesswork out of knowing what to eat. We all pay so much for convenience – literally and physically – so it will help to develop your own convenience foods that are available in your pantry or fridge most of the time.

My go-to snacks are:
– Plain greek yogurt with 1 cup of strawberries/blueberries and some sliced almonds for crunch
– Avocado toast with chia seeds
– Chips and salsa (if I can’t have homemade I like Jack’s salsa, and I really love the No Salt Xochitl tortilla chips)
– Whole almonds or walnuts
– Whole fruit like a banana or apple
– Green smoothie (If I’m near Whole Foods I’ll get their Clean Greens but you can make it with kale, spinach, mango, coconut water, lemon juice + I add blueberries)
– Peanut butter toast

My go-to meals are:
– Baked or grilled chicken with roasted veggies – olive oil, garlic, lemon, spices marinade for chicken and olive oil + black pepper for veggies)
– Lettuce wraps – the possibilities are endless there
– Pasta + red sauce or chicken/veggies or pesto (sometimes I’ll even do a pasta bake with a little bit of ricotta and greek yogurt along with red sauce and/or meat and mozz/parm cheeses)
– Tacos – I like using corn tortillas, but it’s a preference
– Stir fry + brown rice – Just try to make or buy a sauce with low/no sodium


5) Support – when it comes to eating well or exercising I am SO MUCH more likely to do well when I’m doing it with another person or group, or have the support of my husband.  I’ve done a handful of “challenges” with my friend Eve, and that has been helpful at times, but I think I’m the most successful when I have a friend or two who is doing the same thing along side me and we are talking and messaging every day.  That, along with my husband’s help and general awareness of my goals for when he cooks or when we go out to dinner is crucial.  It really makes ALL of the difference to not only have someone who understands what you’re working towards, but is also rooting for you and helping you succeed by making strides themselves.  When I see someone challenging themselves and making visible changes in their life it makes me think that I can do it, too. It drives me just a little bit harder.  When I’m in a funk but someone is relying on me, I’m more likely to put on my running shoes and get out there!  I haven’t worked out in 2 weeks, but when emailing with my friend Billie this morning we decided to drop everything right that second, put on some clothes and meet at the trail… it’s exactly what I needed to get out of my workout slump and I never would’ve done it on my own! Support is SO important, whether in “real life” or in your virtual reality on social media.

So many of us struggle with consistency and making better choices.  It’s HARD.  It really is.  It’s never really easy, per se, but it is very doable if you make it a priority.  I think that is the key – make yourself and your health a priority.  Once you do that, the rest is up to you on how you execute it.  For me, every single one of the items above are crucial to my success.  Without a plan, without simplicity, without flexibility and without the support of my friends/family, I probably won’t continue to be successful and to reach my goals.  I know I’ll hit a rough patch and I know I will fail… it’s ok because today is a great day to decide to make a change.  The key is STARTING.  You have to begin.  I’m happy to answer any specific questions anyone has about food, planning, time, or even the 21 Day Fix program in general.  It’s worked well for my lifestyle and I’m happy to advocate for it.

A personal disclaimer:   I want to stress that I am NOT a health and wellness coach, I’m NOT a Beachbody coach, and do not get compensated for saying any of this!!!  But I am a regular person who has found something that works well for a busy lifestyle and a foodie appetite, so I thought I’d share my experience with you.  I like to do a lot of research about a product before I buy it and, even when I do, I want to form a completely objective opinion about it when possible.  I even went so far as to buy off instead of from an independent consultant because I wanted my own experience without all the rah-rah (no offense intended IC’s, I appreciate what you do and love that you are working hard to support your families!)  I know plenty of BB coaches in my realm of friends – in real life and on social media – and am happy to make a referral to one of them if you’re interested, it’s just not exactly the way I began my own personal journey. 🙂

I Am Not Superwoman and Neither Are You

I am not Superwoman and neither are you.

I’ve never claimed to be or even intentionally attempted to be, but I can admit that I sometimes find myself feeling guilty about the unrealistic expectations I set for myself in the deepest areas of my subconscious.  I don’t even mean to do it, and I’m betting you don’t either.  I’m talking about the supposed perfect life here.  It’s sort of human nature to want to be the best at everything – to be the perfect wife/mother/brother/friend/coworker/boss.  You name it.  For the most part we, as human beings, want to be great or at least good.  We want to be happy and we want people to like us.  But the mistake we sometimes make is in thinking that it is actually possible to be all of those people at the same time all of the time, and we somehow tie that to defining our ability to be happy…  Not to mention also raising well-mannered, impeccably dressed, super adorable picture-perfect children and keeping your HGTV-worthy home in perfect working order with not one speck of dirt or food anywhere to be found ever, while maintaining the most ridiculously happy marriage and love life you’ve ever seen that it makes other people want to gag and/or stab you.  Oh yes, and also looking unbelievably cute and camera-ready at any given point of any given day without even requiring a cup of coffee to function.  Seems realistic, right?  Exactly.


There have been hundreds of blog posts and articles (and probably even books at this point) written about social media fantasyland versus real life and comparing your everyday ordinary life to the impossibly adorable moments captured in time by a professional photographer, or all of the positive highlights hidden within the Facebook status updates of your old middle school classmates.  I have read tons of these posts and totally love the message behind them!  I kind of compare it to the Photoshop vs real life body image debate and I love that one, too.  We all know people in real life (or follow them on social media) who seem to live this picture perfect, always happy, amazing life.   And honestly, much of their life is probably pretty great, but you know what?  So is yours!!  Think about all of the things in your life, big or small, that make it absolutely awesome, or at least pretty good.

On the other side of the coin, I can guarantee you that moments (or even long periods of time) in everyone’s life contain personal struggle, self-doubt, and all sorts of hardships.  I don’t care who you are, you cannot escape that reality.  Forget the big stuff… think about all of the little stuff that piles up and creates unneeded stress and frustration:  endless amounts of laundry, keeping your living space clean, staying employed and paying bills, functioning as an adult in society, keeping pets and children alive and safe (not to mention actually raising them to be decent human beings).  Everyone lives some version of this same reality and, generally speaking, has similar responsibilities on that spectrum.  There is no such thing as perfect, but what you can control is what your definition of perfect looks like and where you choose to prioritize your time.  You get to choose what defines your happiness.

Go ahead and forgive yourself for not being Superwoman or Superman.  Forgive yourself for not being as put together as your neighbor or for not remembering it was costume day at your kid’s school.  Or for not finishing every item on your to-do list this week.  Forgive yourself for not being perfect and for not being everything to everyone and for not making everyone happy 100% of the time.  —–  You’ll get around to the laundry eventually.  No one’s going to know (or care) if you can’t see your carpet for all of the toys littering the floor.  It doesn’t really matter if you skip a shower today or skip out of work a bit early, and trade that time for reading some extra books to your kids.  Your family and relationships will benefit from you prioritizing even more of those little moments over laundry and boring ol’ life maintenance.

When I catch myself comparing my entire real life to the best highlights of my friends’ lives or the picture perfect families on Instagram, I remind myself of what my version of the perfect life looks like.   It’s not really anything like the Photoshopped pictures I sometimes allow to make me feel guilty… I mean there are smiles and cute clothes, yes.  🙂 But the perfect life for me is pretty close to the version I do my best to live out day-to-day.  It’s nothing spectacular by any stretch, but it is full.  I work hard, I still try to play hard.  I spend every moment I can obsessing over the amazement in my sons eyes every time he learns or does something new, and of how cute he is even when he’s screaming.  I take 1 million pictures of randomness every week trying to capture and remember all of the everyday not-so-memorable stuff.  I don’t spend near enough time staying connected to my husband in the midst of our crazy, hectic lives, but I strive to. I am not the best friend and daughter in the world either, but I want to be.  Life is good.  And that is enough.  I am enough.  I am enough and so are you.

I think we should all take 3 steps back and reconsider what “the perfect life” really looks like, and also remember that it will never be legitimately perfect.  Look through your mind’s eye and no one else’s.  I’m willing to bet it’s much different than the aggregate social media fantasy life you sometimes compare yourself to.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt


Challenge Your Comfort Zone!!

Part of the reason I started this blog, as well as my champagneandblackcoffee Instagram account, was to motivate myself to step outside of the lazy little style box I had created over time.  I wanted to stop falling back on the standard excuses as to why I don’t make time for me or put effort into the way I look and present myself every day.  // I’m super busy. I’m a Mom.  Things are different now. I have other priorities.  I need sleep.  I’m not trying to impress anyone anyway. //  I have a way of always defaulting to my handful of “favorite” outfits and comfort-first shoes (meaning, the ones I always grabbed in a hurry because, They’ll do.) and naturally find reasons to rationalize wearing yoga pants and tights for any and every occasion… Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things. 🙂  But for me it’s bigger than these little superficial gripes about myself.  For me it’s more about loving myself as I am, taking style risks and feeling confident about them, and getting out of the life slump I didn’t even really know I was in at first.  I needed to create a spark and this is my version of it.

In publicizing and socializing my personal style choices and reasons behind them, I am, in a way, holding myself accountable for getting up and getting dressed every day, not just putting on some clothes and rushing out the door.  I’m motivating myself to plan and create and try new things while still staying true to my personal style and what I’m attracted to in others.  I’m creating an opportunity for myself to get out of my own head and live outside of this indifferent (i.e. miserable and critical) little box I live in some days.  Fashion and makeup and hair – all of those things are very surface and superficial, I know that.  But they can affect deeper components of your life and your well-being and even relationships.  Think about it:  If you’ve spent a long, lazy (amazing!) weekend lounging around in your yoga pants and a big t-shirt, not showering and doing absolutely nothing, but then you get up Monday morning and put on a really cute outfit and fix yourself up, do you not feel AMAZING?  Every time I do this I wonder why I didn’t pull myself together sooner.  I wonder what I could’ve accomplished instead of nothing!

I can tell you that after about 3 weeks of this new — accountability, we’ll call it — I love it.  Not only do I feel more confident in myself, I’m also reading about different topics and following all sorts of interesting real bloggers. 🙂  I’m getting inspiration from all over the place and am working on putting some structure around all the crazy ideas in my head that keep me up at night.  (those ideas are another story for another time!)  I’m digging through all of my boxed up pre-pregnancy clothes and pulling together all sorts of styles from my existing closet, plus I’m making more interesting purchase decisions when I do shop.   It’s a win win win, honestly.

Yesterday, kind of on a whim, I decided I wanted to challenge myself even further.  I decided that I wanted to make sure that I do something each week that is clearly outside of my comfort zone.  It can be a style choice, an activity, anything really, but do something that makes me feel a tad uncomfortable, but in a good way.   A few hours after I made this unspoken decision, I was in the Houston Hobby airport and had about an hour before catching my flight home.  I waltzed right into the MAC Cosmetics store and worked with one of the makeup artists to “find the perfect bold lip color”.  I’m a serial Chapstick user and may even, every once in awhile, wear a pink or nude lip gloss, but rarely anything other than that and definitely never anything BOLD.  So after covering my entire hand in about 15 different colors and trying out 5 or 6 of them, I walked out of there with a bold red lip and a brand new lip color unlike any I’ve ever owned or worn.  And it’s not just hiding in my bag, never to be seen again – I’m wearing it at work today, in real life. 🙂  Go ahead, create a challenge for yourself today.  I think you’ll like the outcome!

MAC Cosmetics Velvetease Lip Pencil in Reddy To Go

Body Image and Being a New(ish) Mom

Now, I know some of you can relate.  You’re in pretty decent shape, but not where you want to be.  You get pregnant, have a kid, struggle to “get yourself back”, trying really hard off and on.  Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don’t, sometimes it’s somewhere in the middle, and sometimes you just have a new normal and a new version of healthy because gravity or science won’t allow things to ever return to the way they were before.  Right?  So many of us have been there.  Well, me too.

I’m a little over a year postpartum and I generally look and feel pretty good . . . with clothes on and only if I’m wearing the right clothing for my body.  Or if I’m sucking it all in juuuuust right. 🙂  I’m back to my pre-baby weight, even a few pounds less but everything is still a little different.  So now even finding the right clothes for my body is a bit different than it was 2 years ago.  A few weeks back I finally went through all of my boxed up pre-baby wardrobe becauseI was working to pack for a trip with my girlfriends to Key West.  I had absolutely NOTHING spring/summery in my closet that I felt confident wearing and so I thought – OK, it’s time to face those freaking boxes.

And you guys. It was so bittersweet. SO many things fit (and looked good) that I didn’t expect to, and so many things that I was really counting on still working for me just didn’t.  At all.  My boobs are finally manageable (YES!!!) but my hips/stomach must just be a bit rounder or wider or different-shaped than before.  It was a strange realization, honestly.  But it’s OK.   It really is OK.  And so I’ve begun slowly collecting new warm weather wardrobe staples, focusing on things that make me feel confident and proud of my body, like the dress I wore today, linked below.

My point in writing all of this is that the journey to motherhood is hard, not only on your body but on your mind and your soul.  Many girls struggle with body image, especially when they are younger – myself included – but this was a whole new kind of struggle.  An internal battle of self-worth, the need to be desired and the need to have control over something when your body is not your own.  I still struggle sometimes, but one of the things I’m most proud of is how I’ve finally learned to embrace my body and my strengths for what they are.  I’m not perfect and I’m definitely still self-conscious about plenty of things, but I love myself more today than I ever did when I was teenager-thin with nice abs and perfect muscle definition.  I think this is the first time in my almost-35 years of life I’ve had a genuinely healthy body-image.   Sure, I’d still love to lose 10-15 pounds and tone up some more, and I’m working on it, BUT I’m still going to be happy even if I don’t.  My self-worth is not entangled with that number on the scale or the size of the tag in my pants, but in how I feel.  It’s quite liberating and empowering, and I am really loving all of the Love Yourself sort of campaigns right now like Target’s #NOFOMO.

It’s easier said than done, and requires a lot of self-reinforcement and support from other women… BUT – EMBRACE YOU.  Embrace your curves.  Your thin frame. Your extra junk-in-the-trunk.  Your mosquito-bite boobs.  Your giant, voluptuous boobs.  Your stretch marks. Your sun spots.  Your uneven skin tone. Your bird legs or not-so-toned upper arms.  Whatever your perceived “flaws” are – embrace them – they are you and you are BEAUTIFUL!  Love you for you, and embrace all of it, and dress for your body type.  I’m doing my best to take my own advice and to wear things that make me feel good and feel happy.

On that note, this is one of my absolute favorite spring finds – and it’s currently on sale for just $21.99 at Belk!!  The babydoll/swing style is just perfect for me right now.  It’s a bit more fitted up top, flares in just the right place so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a big sheet, and the hem is a bit short, so it shows off some leg… but not too much (as long as I don’t bend over).   It’s not form-fitting over the mid-section, but it’s also cut very well to accentuate the curves a little bit.   Check it out – they have lots of prints and a few similar styles.


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