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Motherhood: Evolution From the Inside Out

Almost a year and a half ago I became a Mom.  It’s changed me in the best of ways – It’s different than I could’ve ever imagined, but it’s everything I’ve ever needed.  Do you find motherhood  to be hard to explain as well?  There’s something so raw and inescapably life-changing about being entirely responsible for another human being.  My husband and I wanted to be parents for a long time and even battled with infertility.  But even when it’s something you want more than anything, nothing can quite prepare you for how it will change you.

Motherhood has helped me to become more than I ever thought I could be.

I love more – and deeper – than I ever thought I could love.
I’ve learned to forgive when I thought forgiveness was something I could not offer.
Giving and serving now come from a place of selflessness instead of selfishness.
I’ve been able to find a peace within, where there was none before.
I’ve extended myself further than I ever thought I could go.
I’ve developed a patience that I was previously lacking.
Gratitude and thankfulness now come from a different, deeper perspective.
My motivation for internal growth has completely changed.
My desire to offer acceptance and understanding has exponentially multiplied.
I’ve found a new appreciation and recognition of the smallest of moments.
I’ve learned to trust myself and my heart.
I now strive to remind myself to extend grace wherever I can.

I think the biggest surprise for me on this journey so far was how naturally all of these things occurred.  It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision to fundamentally change as a person, although in a few instances it was.  I just evolved.  Very quickly and very slowly at the same time.   When I look into the future, all I think about is making sure my son knows he is loved and supported and that I am proud to be his mom.  I want him to be able to see me the way that I see my own Mom, and those are some really huge shoes to fill.  I want to be many, many things, but nothing more than to be a gracious and supportive Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there!  You are amazing and you are enough!!

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3 days old


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